parenting style assessment

Parenting is one of the most difficult jobs in the world.  As our babies are born and handed over to us we have very little knowledge and most of the skills we have acquired are from our parents. If we were raised in a strict home with lots of rules we might tend to be more permissive in our parenting. If we were raised in a permissive home we may tend to have more rules in our home. Often our feelings about how we were parented can play a big part in our parenting style that we exhibit with our own kids.

In the periscope 2 types of parenting are described.

Think about your parenting and evaluate yourself using the tool “Things I do Well As a Parent/Caregiver” you can download it

Things I do Well as a Parent/Caregiver

Follow the instructions on the worksheet and then:

1. Mark an ‘X’ next to the things that you marked a ‘3’

2. Put a ‘checkmark’ by each ‘1’ item

3. Examine to see if you have more ‘X’s or ‘checkmarks.

4. The odd numbered items are about setting limits. The even numbered items are about showing love.

Use this list to find one thing that you would like to do more of. As parents we can always improve our skills.

Combining love & limits brings balance to our parenting style.

All of  this information including the worksheet “Things I Do Well as a Parent/Caregiver” is taken from

Strengthening Families Program For Parents & Youth 10 – 14

Iowa State University

Strengthening Families Program 10 – 14