Hardware to Help with Internet Safety
Do you have a teen that isolates himself during family time?
 Do they walk around with a blank stare looking at their handheld device for hours at a time?  They grunt and look at you with a scowl when you ask them to join the family for dinner.
You may have an “internet zombie” on your hands.
To help out all you  mamas out there tame the internet tiger in your home and bring back your youth from the “walking dead” I want to share with you a lovely gadget that we purchased. 
It is this


This router is a “thing of beauty”. I am NOT tech saavy
but I do know that this is a worthy investment.
This allows you to gauge internet access for all wifi devices in your home. Ipods, smartphones, gaming systems, laptops, stand alone computers, ipads, or any type of tablet that accesses your wifi. The router comes with a program that you load onto your computer and you identify each wifi user & device to gauge access. If you want your youth to only have wifi access between the times of 4:00pm and 8:00pm during the week days you can program their device to only have access during those specific times. No more online all night with their ipod, ipad, tablet or smart phone. The other feature that is pure awesomeness is an 
app for your smartphone which will allow you to 
turn access on or off at anytime………. anywhere
You have the ability to control internet use remotely.
 Yes, we have used this feature before and we LOVE IT!
Yes, you can be at work and randomly turn off internet access to devices that you so choose.
If your youth normally doesn’t have programmed access and needs access to finish research for a paper you can turn on access from your smartphone. 

So I say parents…..take back your youth from the black hole of the internet that turns them into isolating zombies that scowl and grunt. This isn’t a cure all but it will aid in restoring your youth.
We ordered ours from Amazon…
here is the link if you want to check it out.
Wifi Smart Router 
And no this is not a paid advertisement. 🙂

All you mamas matter
Here’s to Parent Empowerment!