I have now been officially back from Ohio for 11 days and 9 hours.

It has taken me all of this time  to re acclimate myself to my stay at home wife life.  I know too long huh?! I am now ready to share my adventure.

I went to Ohio with a dear sweet friend. She and I have been friends for years and went to grade school together. I just love her to pieces.

Here is a photo of my sweet friend, her name is Tammy and she is on the left and her friend and our co-travel buddy Suzanne is on the right.


She has been visiting The Cleveland Clinic in Ohio for the past few years (for you Oregonians that read this it is much like OHSU).

In the past I have wanted to travel with her as she makes her yearly trips but I did not have the time or the means financially to go.

This year I was able to and counted it such a privilege to accompany my friend as I love her so.

Not only did my sweet friend have me as her companion but her long time friend Suzanne was along for travel fun.

So our first real day there we did visit the clinic but as soon as we were out of there the sight seeing began.

I have never been to Ohio so it was quite a treat for me to see a new part of the beautiful US of A.

We spent the afternoon driving around a part of  Lake Erie. I have decided that Lake Erie may physically be a lake. But it does not resemble a lake at all. Yes, on a map it has an edge to it, but it is SO HUGE that it reminds me of the ocean. Let me show you some reasons as why I think this and I think it should be renamed to reflect that….it should be called the

Ocean of Ohio

You will see what I mean with the photos:

Lake Erie

Isn’t it ginormous? There is no opposite side to that lake!

Hence it is an ocean………..

Further more

Lake Erie

Marble Head Lighthouse

What lake has a lighthouse? This one is called Marblehead Lighthouse.

Marble Head Lighthouse

Beautiful isn’t it?

Marblehead Lighthouse

It was delightful to take a drive see the lake and all of the beautiful countryside.

There were lots of homes around the lake some were huge and fancy and some were small.

I will say the oddest thing we saw that day was this

Can you guess who this is?

Jesus Statue

Yes, this statue was in someone’s backyard.

I guess the words from the hymn “just a closer walk with thee”

they take very seriously. 🙂

That family must have gone to this church

Choosy moms choose Jesus

that was just a half mile down the road. 🙂

The next day we took a drive through the countryside of Ashtabula County that is home of a dozen or so covered bridges.

Covered Bridge Ohio

Each one unique in it’s own way…



We stopped in Jefferson City at this tiny diner


Isn’t it cute!

Diner 1

Home to great diner food such as burgers, milkshakes, patty melts and tuna sandwiches

Diner dude (3)

and this guy who is sitting at the counter……

I asked him “what county are we in?” He turned around and said “Ashtabula County” and then promptly asked me where I was from. He noticed that I did not have an accent. I thought an accent? He said “yes you sound alot like us… no accent.”  I told him I was from Oregon and he got excited and said” that is where Bigfoot is!” I said “yes actually I live in Bigfoot country.” He said he worked for the county and was looking forward to retiring in four years and he was planning a trip to Oregon just to hunt Bigfoot. I told him I would warn Bigfoot that he was coming haha.

After our lively chat with the locals we were back on the road…

Covered Bridge Ohio

Covered Bridge Ohio

Such beautiful countryside and more bridges than I cared to take photos of…


We made our north and made our last stop in Ashtabula the tiny city on Lake Erie

Ashtabula Ohio

With lots of beautiful original old brick buildings that housed little shops & restaurants.

Ashtabula Ohio

As well as brick paved streets

Brick Street Ashtabula Ohio

The kind of thing we definitely do not see in Oregon.

The oldest homes in the countryside as well as in the city of Cleveland were built of brick. It was the building material of choice.

Ohio Countryside Ashtabula County

Much of the countryside looked like Oregon but without hills, mountains, fir trees or fences……

It was rare to see a home with a fence around it at all. No backyard fences or front yard fences.


As we ended our day we drove back into Cleveland on our way to our hotel and I snapped a couple of photos that represent Cleveland pretty well

Cleveland Ohio

Flag Cleveland Ohio

Here is the city on the ‘coast’ of the Ocean of Ohio  🙂 haha

Cleveland Ohio Lake Erie

Notice the waves crashing up on the rocks?

Cleveland Ohio Lake Erie

Looks like an ocean to me!

Thank you Ohio for having me….

Thank you for sharing your lovely sights and your friendly people, maybe I will see you again soon.