If you are not on Periscope well you just might want to be….or not cause I am tellin ya you might become an addict.  I am lovin’ me some Periscope lately. It is a new app where you can watch people live. Oh yes…there is some creepy stuff there like there is everywhere. For me it is an answer to a prayer. I have had a few people mention to me that I should be on You tube…but the thought of learning how to edit videos was just overwhelming! So when I saw that a fellow blogger Tabitha Philen was on Periscope I certainly wanted to watch her ‘scopes’ she is so informative and helpful and I have learned so much from her…. but I digress…..

I have been scoping now for two weeks and this week I signed up for a new service called Katch.me which will record all of my videos. It will record my video and also the comments of people that watch it live. Realize that the comments are not a measurement of everyone watching. It is only those who choose to comment. So now if you do not have access to the Periscope app you will be able to find my videos here on my blog. Just click on the big ‘play’ arrow in the middle of the video and it will play for you. They will be posted under the tab labeled PERISCOPE.

I will be on Periscope sharing faith, braveness and  encouragement as well as sharing tips for parents.

My heart cries out for parents and teens. There is a plethora of help for parents with little ones but not a lot for parents with teens. When teens make choices that are painful it brings shame and parents isolate themselves in fear and shame.

My desire is to speak hope and bring parents and their teens out of isolation to a place of acceptance and healing.

I have met some wonderful people through Periscope, believers in Jesus, business owners,moms, dreamers and have been able to share hope with those who feel as though they have none….

Periscope is just another avenue for me to ‘be brave’ in……so my journey continues

This ‘scope’ was based on Matthew 17.

I would encourage you “To Awaken the Small Faith” in you…….

Be Brave Awaken the Small Faith