So I have something to share with you….

This is one of those things that I am Being Brave in……

In January I received an email, this email was sent out to many others who are in the same profession as I am.

In the contents of this email there was an offer to submit proposals for workshops for a conference to be held in May at Oregon State University. In my profession I go to conferences often to gain knowledge of the latest research and best practices.

I have NEVER myself been a presenter.

This year is different….I am being challenged this year to Be Brave……

I did it….I submitted a proposal with it’s 350 words full of learning objectives, hoping that someone would want to hear what I have to say……

and guess what


Do you see the section labeled Session 2? Um…….it says I am not attending this session?

I am NOT attending because I am presenting at that session…..

Have you ever signed up for something and you do it out of curiosity?

Or you thought “hey, this might be a good idea”?

Not really knowing if it will ‘pan out’ as you thought. Well this is one of those moments for me…..

I got an email last week to register for the conference.

In two days my handouts are due to be turned in so they will be copied and available on the day of the conference…..

In 1 week my visual presentation is due…..

This is really happening……

*I am on their agenda

*People are paying money to hear me

*People are actually registering for my class

*Professionals will be coming to hear me

Even as I type this and tell you all about it……which is another Be Brave  moment….

(I could have not written anything and if it was a flop NO one would know)

my stomach is in knots…..and I have doubts about what I am going to say……

that as I stand up there for that 1 hour from 11:00 am – noon on May 11th I may stumble over my words…

I have doubts that I will have enough to say about the subject matter that I have proposed….

But this is what Be Brave looks like….at least for me in this moment

……it’s nervous….

…….it’s vocal…..

…….it’s reaching out…..

So friend…if you think of me pray for me….

That as I prepare I will not be just a presenter….

that this will not just be an exchange of information but that as I am obedient to the Holy Spirit and am brave He will help me.

I remind myself as I also remind you that

Baker retouchedGreater

Jesus is the only way I know how to Be Brave…..

You know the thing that God is asking you to Be Brave in is possible because of the ONE who lives in you!

What are you being brave in?

How can I join with you and help make you brave?

be brave together

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