As a celebration for the graduating 8th graders in my Hannah’s class. Us moms conspired and planned a surprise trip to Seattle. Seattle is about four hours from our tiny town and is certainly an experience of culture for our class of 13 graduates.



Here are the boys


And here are the girls


Our first stop of the day was Pike’s Place Market. It was bustling with cars and people even on Thursday. When we arrived it was almost 1:00 pm and we were all very hungry. We split into groups and walked the market looking for food. There are small food stands and restaurants throughout the market. Hamburger, fried chicken, pizza, sandwiches…..all types of food.

DSC01245 (2)

Unlike teenagers I am always up for something new and exciting in the food department. So I thought I would try something from this place.

Piroshky, Piroshky….

Pikes Place Market

My fellow mom friend and I decided on eating here…


Delightful savory & sweet pastries. I had one that was filled with salmon. The perfect pocketful of yumminess to eat as we walked the market.

We wandered around the market and the waterfront. There are lots of shops and restaurants right on the waterfront as well as the Seattle Aquarium.

So much to see but we were on a schedule. We were catching the ferry to Bainbridge Island @ 4:40pm so we could not diddle daddle. If you have thought about riding a ferry and want to check the ferry schedule you can at this website Washington State Ferries .





Bainbridge Island is about a 30 minute ferry ride away. The island is populated and has a bus system, housing, stores and is also a vacation spot for travelers. There are  museums that tell of the history of the area and the origin of the tiny island.


We rode the ferry over just for fun…..and to have ice cream… 🙂


It was worth the $4.00 fare to see the kids enjoy the ride over… and it was such a beautiful day!


The one with the arrow above her head is mine….I stood on the above deck and yelled for her to turn around

so I could take a photo and this is what I got…

After arriving on the island we walked a short distance into town and got some ice cream from Mora IceCream

Here is a link to their website……Mora Ice Cream

They hand make their flavors and it is delicious. They are a company that is based in the Puget Sound area. After our fill of ice cream we jumped back on the ferry to go back to Seattle so we could ride the Great Ferris wheel on the waterfront before the sun went down.


The kids lined up to get their tickets and board their ‘bucket’.



I will admit as we rose into the air I was a little queasy…but as I began to relax I realized the view was completely amazing!

So our day ended as the sun was going down.


Such gorgeous views as the sun set on the water


There is lots more to see in Seattle that we did not get to:

Space Needle

EMP Museum

Pacific Science Center

Seattle Aquarium

These you can get discounted rates with   the Seattle City Pass here Seattle City Pass

Seattle Underground Tours  info here Seattle Underground Tour

The country kids from our tiny town had a blast and made memories that they will never forget.

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is definitely a destination you will want to visit.

Certainly can’t beat the beauty in our backyard.

Pacific Northwest is Best…..