Braveness updates!

Today some brave moments happened

I went here…for those Beaver fans you know where this is!


 No…no sports for me but it was for this


Remember the workshop that I was gong to present?! Well it happened today..

I didn’t want to photograph my class for privacy reasons but here is a silly lame selfie of me


Haha! 🙂  This was right before the presentation and the room filled up with people….

But here is the workshop description in the program….

IMG_5389 (2)

 Proof that I actually was there. And my evaluations were actually good! If you have ever gone to a professional conference the conference hosts hand out evaluation sheets to attendees. So yes….. everyone filled out an evaluation of how I did. I must say that I sat down right away after everyone left the workshop and sifted through them eagerly reading each one. Thank goodness there was not one that was BAD. I was so grateful…… that meant people actually learned something from my waterfall of information..

I made some great connections, saw some people I had not seen in a while.

Listened to a fantastic speaker on brain development, fascinating stuff….

And got a thank you mug to boot….


Another brave journey started today….

Two of my friends began their 3 month transcontinental bike ride….

YES3 months….cycling across the United States

Here is a photo of my friends Carol & Sarah.

Aren’t they cute!


This is a photo that they posted today of their arrival in the airport at Virginia.

They are sitting atop their boxed bikes.

My two brave friends have been training, researching and planning for months.

Their sole purpose to cycle across the United States…from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

I am so excited for them….we are all being brave in the unique ways that God is calling us to be brave!

People have been asking me things and telling me things like

“So what are you going to do? You have a website…are you going to sell stuff?”

“Are you going to start speaking in more conferences?”

“Do you have plans to write a book?”

“So public speaking…is that what you want to do?”

“You are really good at public relations…”

I do know I truly love people, I love to discover the beauty in people, their talents,

abilities even if they are

seemingly covered in the mire of their circumstances

if that is public relations so be it

To be honest TBH…I really don’t know…..

sometimes faith is just…….. like………. that………..

acting on opportunity, making moves with something in your heart even though the future isn’t completely clear.

With my friends Carol & Sarah their be brave opportunity is very deliberate…….

they researched, trained and packed specifically to accomplish their goal


this photo is from Sarah’s  facebook page Sariejune Bikes

Carol’s facebook page is Adventures with Kiwilegs

they will be posting on their respective pages on their journey…

Their trip is planned out knowing where they are going to stop along the way, planning out food, supplies etc.

And with every plan…filled with faith….

The beauty is that with all the braveness planned or not….

All of it is faith

So step out………

Be Brave

activate your faith……

be brave together