Memorial day is a day for remembering… is a day designed for preserving and setting in our memory  people or events.

A day to honor and remember those who are serving our country overseas and at home and to remember the sacrifice of those who have given their lives to maintain the freedom we so enjoy in this country.

I think of my father who served in the National Guard….

And countless more men & women.

I have  seen posts on Facebook leading up to this weekend of a minor frustration…

People saying, “Memorial Day is more than bar b ques, vacation & fun” and they are right….

How do we change this? The only way truly is to teach the next generation.

We as parents have all heard of the ‘Greatest Generation’ a term coined by Tom Brokaw for a generation that served and led our country through World War II. We know of this because a man researched, remembered and made known to us by writing a book. As parents we can truly observe this day and make known to our children what this special day is all about.

Here are some ideas…

  • Talk about those family members that have served in the armed forces and what they did while in service.
  • Visit memorials in your community. Many communities have memorials to veterans who have served. This can be an opportunity to look up information on the memorial as well as the purpose for the memorial.
  • Visit the cemetery, every year since our kids were pint sized we have taken them to our local cemetery to not only remember those who have served but also to share memories about loved ones who are buried there.
  • Watch a movie together that would be age appropriate for your family that is related to remembering. My husband every year watches Saving Private Ryan. To be honest it’s hard for me to watch cause it hurts my heart..but my husband watches it not for the violence, but that he will renew in his heart and mind a gratitude. Sometimes gratitude must be stirred up so we never forget.

Depending on the age of your kids you can weigh what is good and right for your family. These are only suggestions.

I would encourage you to take time today and pass on to your children the recognition of today, the remembrance  of the past to build gratitude into their future.