We make our home in rural Oregon and own Vital Contracting a construction company. Willy is a jack of all trades and takes on projects from remodeling to tree trimming and removal. Cindy is a CPS Certified Prevention Specialist with the Addiction Counselors Certification Board of Oregon. We have been married 27 years and are parents to 3 teens/young adults. We take our personal experience and professional research to give you the tools you need to BE CONFIDENT and BUILD RELATIONSHIP  with your youth.


We will help you:
– Understand Teen Development 
– Communicate in a way that will be heard
– Be powerful with internet safety

– Teach your youth to own their social media


We would love to connect with you!

Our Why:

This business was birthed out of thier own experience professionally as well as personally. Their oldest daughter led a dual life for 4 years from the age of 13 – 17. One life that attended church and private school and the other online through social media. In her senior year the two worlds collided and it has taken time to unravel her story of pain and rejection that led to her dual lifestyle.  She is now 19, healthy, working and making progress in the healing process.

Helping Parents and Teens Talk:

As a parent who has lived through serious parenting fails, we understand the importance of providing safe places for parents & teens to talk about their frustrations and experiences as well as getting the help they need.

Cindy’s Education:

Cindy has her associate’s degree in theology from Portland Bible College, her bachelor’s degree from Warner Pacific College and is a Certified Prevention Specialist certified through Addiction Counselor Certification Board of Oregon. Through her work at grant funded non-profits, she is also a Trainer of Trainers through Iowa State University for the Strengthening Families Program for Parents & Youth Ages 10-14.

Willy’s Experience: